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Welcome to our website! I hope everyone is healthy and safe!

Thanks for stopping by!

Making soap is easy, creating a website, not so much!  Although I would not say that I am technologically un-savvy, I am not glued to my mobile device or tablet all of the time!  At 46, I am boldly going where I have not gone before! (Yes, that was a Trek reference!) I have never had any classes on website design or anything of the sort, so I am figuring this out as I go!  It is not too bad, it just takes time. And for me, there are never enough hours in the day and I still would rather be making soap!   

I digress...

We are all going through a rough time in America right now and sometimes it is hard to remember that it is not just us.  But we are not alone.  I know that you have heard this many times over the past few weeks... we are all in this together.  We really are. Everyone is uneasy and scared. We all have to make adjustments in our lives because of COVID-19.  (Could we come up with better names for viruses?)  When you are trying to keep away from the virus and social distance yourself from the world, it is difficult.  We are such social creatures.  It is hard to stay 6 feet away from someone when we are used to being 3 feet or closer to them so that we may have a conversation. And what about touching things? Oh my! When you are trying not to touch things, you realize just how many knobs, doors, surfaces and such that you touch in a day.  It is nuts! 

I realize I should be writing about making soap, but this is what is happening in the world right now, so why not write about it?  

I am working hard to try to get this website set up and all of my products listed as fast as I can, all while trying to make soap so that I will have new soaps to add to the site every week!  Soap needs to cure for 4 to 6 weeks so I need to plan ahead so that I can have new items regularly. All while I work full time at my "regular" job and continue in my super wifely duties after work. So I find myself working on this website at midnight!  The bright side?  At least I am saving the 40 minute drive to and from the office because of the pandemic!  (That my friends, would be the silver lining!)  And hey, we are all now forced to spend time with our spouses and kids!  I, for one, love to hang out with my husband around our home in the woods, and since we do not have any kids under 18, we do not have to worry about entertaining kids! (More power to those of you who do!)  The weekend is coming and I hope to get a nice batch of soap made this weekend!  We shall see what color and design I come with!  That is the fun part! 

So keep washing your hands, keep your distance from everyone, be a temporary hermit, and stay safe out there everyone!  


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